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I've got both hands on the wheel

while you've got both hands on my gears

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Name:I've got both hands on the wheel
Birthdate:Apr 28
Location:North Carolina, United States of America
This journal contains material intended for adult audiences. If it's illegal for you to view adult-rated material, for any reason, please do not view anything this journal rated adult or NC-17.

Stories will include RPS, slash, het, and gen fanfiction.

General RPS disclaimer: Everything in this journal is fiction, and a labor of love only. No money is being made, nothing is meant to be claimed or implied about any real person, and neither disrespect nor harm is intended.

General fanfiction disclaimer: The fanfiction posted in this journal is a labor of love only, no money is being made, and no disrespect intended. I've actually spent an enormous amount of money and time on the source texts, and have successfully acquired several new fans for the fandoms I participate in, which yay! All to the good, I figure.
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